The payment box on Water Well Road fell down.  We will have a payment box at the new water plant on Water Well Road by the end of October. 


Leak on Southwinds, South of Birdie. Service could be

disruptef. Repair crew on site. 

Leak on Losak between Rosenthal & Cooksey.

Service may be disrupted on Losak and parts of Cooksey. Repair crew on site. 

Leak on Cooksey Lane. Service will be disrupted on Losak,

and Cooksey between Losak and Howe Hill 

Leak on Hillside Drive. Service could be disrupted on Hillside,

parts of Rosenthal, parts of Cooksey Lane, Fincher & Erskine.  Repair crew is in route.  

Leak on Southwind, South of Rosenthal. Service may

be disrupted. Repair crew on site making repairs. 

Leak on CR 433 near Southwinds. Service may be disrupted

on 433, parts of Southwinds & Foxtrot. Repair crew on site

Leak on Levi Pkwy & Water Well. Crew on site

service could be disrupted

Leak on South side of Levi Pkwy near Kraemer Pass

Service may be disrupted on parts of Levi Pkwy, FM 2643,  Silo Hill Subdivision and Falls County customers.  Crew is on site making repairs 

Leak on Levi Pkwy near Water Well Road. Service may

be disrupted on parts of Water Well, Levi Pkwy, Silo Hill Subdivision and customers in Falls County.  Repair crew on site.

Leak on Water Well Road near Rosenthal Pkwy. Service will be

disrupted on Water Well Road, parts of Rosenthal Pkwy., Hillside Drive, Cooksey Lane, Berry  Drive.  Repair crew is in route.  Leak is in roadway, repair time can not be estimated.

Apologies for late notice. Fence builder hit water line. Service has

been disrupted in several areas due to volume of water loss. Repair crew en route. 

Leak on Levi Pkwy, between Water Wee

& Kraemer Pass. Crew in route. Service may be disrupted on Levi Pkwy, FM 2643, Silo Hill and Falls County customers. 

Leak on Private DrIve parallel to Hillside Drive off

Rosenthal Pkwy.  Service may be disrupted or there may be low pressure. Repair Crew en route for repairs.